Quickly add spell checking ability to your LiveCode application with The LiveCode Lab Spell stack. Written 100% in LiveCode, LCL Spell is supported on Linux, OS X and Windows. With a Developer's License you can distribute an unlimited number of standalone applications complete with the 67,000 word dictionaries.

Download the Developer's Kit

The LCL Spell Developer's Kit

The Developer's Kit includes the lclSpell3-5.livecode and lclSpell3-5-Legacy.livecode stacks and everything you need to evaluate the product and add spell checking to your stacks. A Guide and Reference is in the Developer's Kit, or you can view the PDF by clicking here.


  • 100% LiveCode script
  • Requires no supporting files
  • Has 67,000 word Australian, UK and US English Dictionaries
  • Support for additional dictionaries
  • Support for Unicode dictionaries with LiveCode 7 and newer
  • Spell check as you type, modal or modeless
  • Cross-platform desktop support for Linux, Mac and Windows


Add spelling checking to your application with 3 lines of code.

start using stack "lclSpell-3-5"
lclSpellCheck the long ID of field "myText"

This example assumes LCL Spell is a substack. If the spell stack is separate from your main stack, more lines are needed to find and open it.

LiveCode Versions Supported

The LiveCode Lab Spell stack is designed for Versions 7, 8 and 9 of LiveCode. Earlier versions of LiveCode 5 and 6 are also supported, but cannot use a Unicode dictionary.

  • In all cases, LCL Spell requires the Indy or Business Edition of LiveCode as it is an encrypted stack.

Developer's License

Purchase a LCL Spell 3.5 Developer's License to use it in your standalone applications.

LCL Spell 3.5 - Developer's License @ $29 USD

When you purchase a Developer's License a License Key is emailed to you so you can distribute LCL Spell as part of all your standalone applications.

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