Is there any plan for The LiveCode Lab to support the mobile platforms, Android and iOS?

No. We currently have little interest in developing mobile apps. But if we did, and decided not to code in Java, Objective-C or Swift we believe that the B4X tools are superior to LiveCode. Without debugging tools for mobile stacks in all Editions of LiveCode we do not consider LiveCode to be a tool of choice for mobile development.


LCL Spell

There is a word in the dictionary that does not fit our usage. Can it be removed from the dictionary?

When there are instances of a correct word in the dictionary that is not part of your accepted usage of the English language. Any words added to the exclusion list file are handled as incorrect spellings, even while the word is in the main dictionary. For example, there are two ways to spell focused in the Australian and UK dictionaries, either "focused" or "focussed". While both of these are correct spellings you may prefer not to accept the second variation.


Can LCL Spell 3.5 also check grammar?

No, LCL Spell 3.5 does not pick up problems with grammar. While this feature may be desirable, the script required to do this would be more complex than we currently have time to develop. There are no plans to add such a feature to LCL Spell.


Can I add an extra dictionary for another language?

Yes, LCL Spell 3.5 allows any number of additional dictionaries to be added. If you can source a suitable list of words it can be converted into a dictionary for LCL Spell


Do I need to join PayPal to purchase a License Key?

No, you do not need to join PayPal to purchase a License Key. PayPal accepts customers that pay directly by credit card without signing up as a member.


Where can I get the source for LCL Spell 3.5?

The Licensing Agreement does not include the option of access to an unencrypted version of the LCL Spell stack. If are interested in the source code of LCL Spell 3.5, please contact directly to negotiate an alternate licensing arrangement.


Can LCL Spell 3.5 be freely used in proprietary applications?

Yes, LCL Spell 3.5 does not use and is not based on any GPL'd or similarly licensed code. This means there are no restrictions to prevent LCL Spell 3.5 from being used in applications where the source is not publicly available, or which are sold commercially.


Does LCL Spell 3.5 use external libraries or DLL's?

LCL Spell 3.5 is not based on, and does not require any external libraries or application bundles. It is 100% LiveCode script and can be included as a substack so it can be embedded in your application program file.


What versions of LiveCode are supported?

The LCL Spell 3.5 is supplied with two stacks. One for recent versions of LiveCode (7, 8 and 9) and another for legacy versions of LiveCode (5 and 6). To be able to create standalone applications you must be a licensed user of the Indy or Business Edition of LiveCode, or an earlier Commercial version with a perpetual license.