Name: Scott McDonald Personal Computer Services
Address: PO Box 139, Newtown, NSW 2042
Country: Australia

Technical Support

Technical support may be an answer to a question, advice, or a solution to a problem with a LiveCode stack from The LiveCode Lab.

  • Before contacting technical support please check that the information you require is not included as part of the Guide and Reference or Readme file.

All messages should be sent to:

When Getting Support

When reporting a suspected software problem, information you should include is:

  1. What stack are you using?
  2. What verison are you using? All stacks include a three digit version number in the stack title bar.
  3. Which platform is in use, Linux, Mac or Windows?
  4. What sequence of handlers or commands are being used? Sample scripts that illustrate the problem are always helpful.
  5. What is the unexpected behaviour?
  6. What action or behaviour are you expecting from the stack?

How Long?

Support requests that include this type of information with sufficient detail to explain the problem, or question, usually result in a faster solution. Priority is given to developers who have purchased the relevant Licence Key for the stack.

  • If you do not receive any response within 48 hours please send it again as it may have gone astray.