It's All About LiveCode

The LiveCode Lab is part of Scott McDonald Personal Computer Services that has been successfully creating commercial software for over 25 years.

The LiveCode Lab was previously called RunRevPlanet, but since the LiveCode language hasn't been known as RunRev or Revolution for well over 5 years, a name change was inevitable.

The LiveCode Lab is the latest LiveCode related website that Scott McDonald has maintained, or neglected, over the years.

Computer Stuff

Scott is based in Sydney, Australia and is a professional coder who is tool agnostic, but recognises the brain multiplying power of a language like LiveCode.

He uses LiveCode to power desktop applications and run online programs on web servers. In addition to LiveCode, Scott uses languages like Javascript, HTML5, SQL and BASIC variants on a daily basis. If there is no alternative C++, Java or PHP will be tolerated.

Scott is proud to be a member of the professional body, the Australian Computer Society.

Personal Stuff

When not thinking about code, Scott is occupied by his Family, Anime, Sci-Fi Film, Gamer and Pop Culture, 80's Synth-Pop and all things Retro, especially Space Exploration and Futurism from the 1960's and 70's.

He is a private individual so that is all you need to know.

Please don't make a Facebook or any other social network request, unless we've met in person you will be politely declined.

Other Sites

The main Scott McDonald Personal Computer Services site does not mention it, but know that LiveCode powers the Online and Mac software.

Interested in Retro-Futurism? Check out my hobby website.